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Mum said that she has absolutely made the right decision for him to come to Mount Tamar School.  She was previously anxious about having made this decision, but is now so glad that she did.  He is happier, he shares with her all his learning and he has made a few friends. School has always been a very stressful part of his and mum's life - this is not the case anymore.  Mum wanted to thank us for being flexible when things weren't quite working - i.e. changing his class and break times - this meant a lot to them both .  In just a few weeks, mum can see a change in him, for the better.

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Nan is over the moon with how he is doing at Mount Tamar.  He absolutely loves school, he really enjoys all his lessons, in particular music.  He has never ever attended a full day at school, so for him to want to stay the whole day is a really great thing for him.  

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 He was previously a school refuser, so the very fact that he is getting up every day and going to school is a huge thing to the family and they are delighted.  He even says that he is enjoying school.  There have been a few issues with the other children winding him up, but the teacher diffuses the situation, which is teaching him how to cope with it. 


He is enjoying coming into school, which is a new thing for the family.  Mum & Dad had their reservations about taking him out of mainstream school, but feel that this has definitely been the right move for him.  He comes home from school and talks about his day.  He is really pleased and proud of his achievements, in particular, the Certificate that he got (which is the first certificate he has ever had) - his grandad gave him £5 as a well done and he is so happy.  
He is sleeping better at night because he is tired.  He is calmer at home.  He loves Forest School.  Mum and Dad think that DOJO is a great communication.

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He is a lot more settled at home.  He comes home from school and talks about his day a lot.  He really likes his journey to and fro school, very fond of his driver and the PA.  He absolutely loves Forest School - they have had to stop him eating random things from the garden!



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Mum said that she is doing better than both she and her dad thought she would.  She is happy when she gets home from school and she is happy to talk to mum and dad about her day.  During the whole lockdown, she stayed in, so this is a huge thing to the family.  After her first full day, she came home and slept for three hours, which is totally out of character.  She hasn't got a negative word to say about school and Mum and Dad say that, at this point, they couldn't have expected it to go any better.


Over 25% of the UK likely to have had COVID-19 already'

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your item on South West news about your time capsule.
These things have been done a lot but to use is as a vehicle for learning about the impact of Covid-19 seemed to me, as an ex-teacher to be brilliant! It gave opportunity for deeper learning about the facts of the epidemic, allowed youngsters to get in touch with themselves and importantly to look forward to a brighter , more certain future. Amazing!
It certainly gave me, at 73 a lift.  The young people in the piece should be congratulated.
Well done - I am so in awe of all that teachers and pupils have done and will have to do as a result of the present emergency. I am not sure I could have been so effective or creative!
No reply needed,
With very best wishes,
Dr John Crossman