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Outcomes and Exam Results

Effective teaching skills that lead to positive student learning outcomes are the objective of every teacher within Mount Tamar. We constantly look at ways to foster a positive student learning environment that considers the learning styles of each and every student and that devises a plan to encompass these styles in a learning experience that is both positive and attainable.

The first step to create positive learning outcomes is to devise a plan with specific goals and determinations for learning outcomes. Our teachers plan lessons that are student focused and includes:

  • Detailed information that spells out the goals and expectations for each of our learners
  • What each student should know and be able to do upon completion of the class
  • Measurable assessment tools that gauge learning outcomes
  • Class and home assignments that help students clearly understand the subject matter that is being taught.

Communicating with other teachers, who know our students, during the planning process helps to determine ways to introduce concepts that are most likely to be understood and followed by each student.

Our student development and learning outcomes include good student feedback. During the planning process and throughout the course, it is important that we include the students in the learning process by asking what they expect to get out of the subject area and the best way to help them understand the material.

“Positive learning outcomes are what teaching is about. Good teachers want to ensure that each student walks away from their course with a strong understanding of the materials taught and the confidence that each student will retain that information throughout their lives and careers. A strong leadership curriculum, teaching plan, and the ability to adapt to each student’s needs are evidence of a strong instructor.” (