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The Support Network

This area is to give all of our parents the opportunity of having other resources available to help and assist from other professionals. Please have a look and take the time to read any of the sections that will help you. And of course, please give us a call if you need further guidance and assistance with any of these sections.

If you are looking for Internet Safety Resources, please see our dedicated page to the right.

If you are a student at Mount Tamar, and want to talk to a member of the pastoral team anonymously, click on the Welfare Check In on the right.

See below for online resources and documents to help support you and your family.

Online Resources

Safe Places

Safe Places National Network is here to unite all the Safe Place (and Keep Safe) schemes.

They do this by having all the information in one place, so everyone can see it.

They are making special teaching materials so Safe Places can be taught about in schools.

To help make it easier to find and use a Safe Place not just when you need one but as a way of getting to know people.

What we do:

  • Provide a special easy to use Web Site to teach about the Safe Place schemes.
  • Encourage badge holders to visit the Safe Places to get to know more people in their communiy.
  • Promote allowing more user groups to participate in the Safe Places Schemes.
  • Support more authorities in launching a Safe Place Scheme.
  • Help authorities recruit more Safe Places.
  • Help users with our free- to use phone apps so they can quickly locate a Safe Place in time of need.

If your local Safe Places Scheme is not registered with us please contact them and let them know you would like them to join.

Find out more about safe places at:

Ambitious about Autism

The voices of autistic children and young people are at the heart of everything that we do. 

We want to help create a world where autistic children and young people are heard, included and supported.

We are Ambitious about Autism

Every autistic child and young person has the right to be themselves and realise their ambitions. 

We stand with autistic children, young people and their families to champion rights, campaign for change and create opportunities.

We started as one school and have become a movement for change. Our services include providing information and practical support and delivering specialist education and employment programmes.

Our vision 

Our vision is a future where every autistic child and young person can be themselves and realise their ambitions.

Our mission

We stand with autistic children and young people, champion their rights and create opportunities.

Find out more, along with a host of information, and opportunities for training and support at:

Young People



Support for Young People: Plymouth Online Directory


The Zone: Supporting Young People



Youth Access



Kooth: Your Online Mental Wellbeing Community


Parents and Carers

Young Minds, Mental Health, Parents Helpline:


Parental Educational Growth and Support: Recognising and Responding to Child to Parent Abuse



Friends & Families: Empowering Families with Disabled Children



Special Needs Jungle: Parent-led Information, Resources and Informed Opinion about Children and Young People 0 - 25

Special Needs Jungle - News, info, resources & informed opinion




How and When to Talk to Children about War, According to a Parenting Expert


Tips for Parents and Caregivers on Media Coverage of Traumatic Events



Grandparents Apart UK



Internet Safety

The Parent Zone


Think U Know: Online Videos



UK Safer Internet Centre


Supporting your Child if they See Upsetting Content Online About what is Happening in Ukraine


National Online Safety Hub



Step by Step: Free Counselling for Young People

Debt Management

StepChange: Debt Support



Citizens Advice, Plymouth



Armed Forces

Royal British Legion: Support for Service People and Ex-Service People



SSAFA: the Armed Forces Charity