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Our Students in the World Of Work

Mount Tamar Students celebrate success in the real World of Work

As part of a new pilot programme Mount Tamar was able to join a Plymouth City Council working group. The aim of the project was to work with partners to improve the preparation for employment opportunities for our young people. The expectation from the government is that Local Authorities will build relationships with employers, establish employment services and help schools to offer high-quality preparation for employment which will include real life work experience opportunities.

As a school we continued to provide other meaningful work experiences beyond the two weeks from this pilot project. And it was vital for the work experience providers that we used to establish strong and on-going relationships with our school so that future work experiences will be supported. We have ensured that this has continued throughout the year with opportunities to revisit areas of experience that they enjoyed gaining a better understanding of what they would experience in that career.

This project offered opportunities for our young people to gain experience of work and has helped them to better understand what their options are for future employment. This work experience pilot was originally for a two week taster period and Mount Tamar followed this up with further shorter sessions across the rest of the academic year.

The outcomes were achieved through better skills planning for employment, “Real life” work experience opportunities and improved links to employers for work experience opportunities

Our students really enjoyed the whole experience and found it very useful in terms of looking at their future career progression and which subjects they would need to continue for their future.

Accordingly, our students attended the SEND employability Celebration event and were presented their certificates for their fantastic assistance in this project.

Further to this I have uploaded a leaflet explaining and giving links to virtual work experience. Most of these virtual work experience programmes will also provide you with a certificate of completion, which is something you can add to your record of achievement, CV and future job/course applications. It will show that you still achieved employability skills and career knowledge. You MUST complete at least between 5-15 hours’ worth. For example, if you choose one which is 3 hours, you must choose another which is at least 2 hours. Please have a good look at these resources as they are very usefull for the World of work