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The Mount Tamar Show Reel

Here you can find the results of our students unleashing their creativity on the stage, and in the studio.

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  • Stage MakeUp: Injuries

    Published 03/02/23, by Will Surridge

    These effects are incredible! Inventive!

    And be warned, they are downright disgusting!

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  • Primary Performing Arts Roundup

    Published 13/01/23, by Will Surridge

    This is some of the fun our primary pupils have had in the drama studio so far this year...

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  • Stage Make-Up

    Published 22/09/22, by Will Surridge

    The preparation for a performance is just as important, and requires just as much skill, as the performance itself, as one of our year 10s found out...

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  • Something Wicked this way Comes!

    Published 12/05/22, by Will Surridge

    Claire has hinted that there may be a big performance in rehersal.

    This is all she's revealed so far...

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  • Trouble!?

    Published 15/04/22, by Will Surridge

    Are they in trouble? We'll let you be the judge.

    What is certain is that they had an absolute ball making this photoshoot!

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