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Granary Farm

Granary Farm Staff

Farm Provision Leader: Susannah Kendall

Susannah is from a farming family and has therefore been involved in the land based sector from a very early age.

Susannah is passionate about the many benefits that learning with animals in our natural environment can bring to the development of our pupils.

The Granary Farm School - Mount Tamar

On the outskirts of Liskeard, Mount Tamar has half an acre of land and a classroom facility set within a 600 acre beef and arable farm.

The Granary Farm classroom is a grade 2 listed building in the centre of a working farm yard. The Granary field adjoins the farm yard and is the main hub of the learning environment.

The Granary Farm learning provision provides opportunities for Mount Tamar and Quay Partnership pupils to gain practical vocational skills and accredited qualifications that will enhance lifelong personal development and future career aspirations.

The farm provision is a very calm and therapeutic learning environment. The open space, practical tasks and interactions with various farm animals allows pupils to be able to learn and develop in a manner that supports mindfulness strategies and self regulation.

The farm has a range of animals that the pupils care for and ensure welfare needs are met. These include; cattle, sheep, two goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens and a tortoise. The pupils are encouraged to become independent and responsible for the care needs of the animals.

Through caring for animals the pupils develop an endless list of personal and social qualities. All of these are included in the Aspire, Adventure and Achieve hands objectives and each day as a group we reflect upon the specific qualities that we have focussed on throughout the learning task.

Granary Farm - Ethos

Aspire, Adventure and Achieve are the core values that shape the learning experience at the Granary Farm. The provision caters for individuals who respond to learning in an outdoor vocational setting rather than a conventional classroom environment. Many of the learners who attend the Granary Farm may have previously lacked ambition and belief in their abilities, however, through focussing on their individualised interests and skills they often gain a sense of direction and drive to succeed. Having recognised a sense of personal understanding and direction, the learners are then able to develop their abilities to work effectively with others. The learners at the farm very much become a team, who support each other through encouragement and respect of each other's needs.

As the Granary Farm is located on an arable and beef farm, each day the learners eyes are opened to the reality of working life. The learners are inquisitive to experience new practical skills and build their knowledge of the opportunities within the land based sector. The teaching is directed at preparing and enabling the learners with life long skills that will be transferable across realistic college and career opportunities.

Building resilience and pushing comfort barriers are personal qualities that are developed naturally within the farm environment. Sometimes the conditions on the farm can be testing, however, the learners develop a sense of pride in their provision and therefore understand that they have a sense of responsibility to care for the animals and further develop their skills despite the weather.