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Pivotal Education was founded in 2001 to dramatically improve behaviour training for teachers across schools and colleges. It is a multi-award winning education training consultancy, specialising in leading behaviour change.

In 2017, Pivotal Education Ltd was acquired by Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). CPI provides de-escalation and intervention training for professionals working within the health, education, social care, mental health, and learning disability sectors.

Pivotal is based on Five Pillars

These Five Pillars are:

  • Consistent, calm adult behaviour
  • First attention to best conduct

  • Relentless routines

  • Scripted interventions

  • Restorative follow up


Pivotal Education inspires, motivates and creates measurable change in behaviour, relationships and learning.

Pupils are at the heart of everything. The training is shaped around the 95% of learners who arrive every day keen and learn and eager to please- the silent ones. The Pivotal focus is on pride not prizes.

They do not believe that 5% of the most troubled learners are ‘behaviour problems’; they need a different approach, one that is not based on a set of increasingly large sanctions.

Pivotal provides innovative approaches to ensure staff remain in charge of the incident.