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New Rewards Being Trialed

The rewards system is being upgraded, starting with the Row Lane Secondary Site.

Next week, students in the Row Lane Secondary part of the school will choose their Friday afternoon reward activities as normal.

However, they will also earn credits towards even more rewards. Every week, students who achieve a behaviour score of 85% or above in their lessons will earn credits in the Behaviour Bank.

These credits can be cashed to receive one of many rewards, or banked so that students can receive an even bigger reward later.

The Student Council will agree the full list of rewards this week. Suggestions so far include go carting, amazon vouchers, football tickets or salon vouchers, among many-many more.

See below our posters advertising the rewards system, as well as displaying our brand new school rules - don't worry there's only 5, and they're very easy to remember.

Students will need to follow these rules in lessons in order to maximise their personal percentage, earning better and better rewards.