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New Reward System

From 8th November we have an exciting new rewards system!

Every Lesson, teachers will score students from 0 to 3 in three categories:

  • Ready. Is the student present and ready to learn?
  • Respectful. Is the student showing respect to their classmates and to the staff they work with?
  • Resilient. Is the student showing resilience by completing their work?

Posters showing precise descriptions of each category, explaining exactly what you have to do to get 9 points every lesson, are up all in every classroom: so that the students know exactly what is expected of them! These posters can all be found at the bottom of this article.

Every week the school will run several reward activities to celebrate the students who: lesson after lesson: work hard to maximise their learning!

Every week, the scores will be totalled, and the students will be ranked. The more points you score, the sooner you will get to choose your activity. So you'd better get as many points as you can, because there are only 7 places for the star-prize-trip.

Only the top 7 scorers will be guaranteed a place on whatever activity they choose, so they are each given a Golden Ticket. I wonder who next week's hard working winners will be?

This half-term the reward activities are:


  • Swimming
  • Park
  • Woodland Wonderland
  • Ready Steady Cook
  • Crazy Construction
  • Minecraft Madness


  • Super Tramp
  • Fifa and Pool Tournament
  • Multi-Sports: Football, Basketball, and Dodge ball
  • Art Attack
  • Movie Madness
  • Geocaching


There was an awesome start to our new reward system at Prospect! Congratulations to Lenny and Harry for getting the top marks.