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Our visiting Marjon students were asked three questions: what was your favourite part of your placement at Mount Tamar, what have you enjoyed the most and what have you learned? We then asked them to comment on the school environment and the lessons that they have seen.

Alyssa OATES   My favourite part of the placement was being able to build a rapport with the students and staff. This is the first placement where I have felt included in the day to day life of the school and not just seen as a student teacher. I have enjoyed being part of a team at Mount Tamar and having the opportunity to lead small groups in lessons.This school has taught me a lot about SEN+D and students with behavioural issues and how they interact with a school environment. I now feel I am more confident about my teaching because I am more aware of the individual needs and can therefore tailor to the needs of students. I look forward to using all the skills I have picked up within my future lessons.  The atmosphere around the school is relaxed and a safe environment for the students and staff to work in. I was very nervous before I came but this soon went and I felt very relaxed and welcome. 

Kynan BALL    My favourite part of this placement was being able to help students get more active, not just within PE but throughout the day during activate, break and lunch. I have really enjoyed building a rapport with the students here, as building these relationships has helped my professional development as well as creating a good learning environment for the students. It is clear to me that this is the case here at Mount Tamar with fantastic relationships between staff and pupils. One massive thing I have learnt is how to make PE more inclusive for SEND students. There are many little tips I have picked up from different staff members across the school which enable students to learn. Chey has been a fantastic help and I have learnt a lot from him and his approach to students and lessons. The environment around Mount Tamar is very supportive and relaxed. This provides support for students and staff around the school.

Grace RUDMAN   My favourite part of the placement was having the opportunity to work with and get to know the pupils and staff at Mount Tamar. Having the chance to work with Chey and the PE department was also great. I have definitely enjoyed my placement. Mount Tamar has given me knowledge and skills I did not have beforehand: allowing me to progress with my teaching. Mount Tamar makes sure you're included in the team, making you feel comfortable and welcome.  Whilst at Mount Tamar I have learned how to accommodate all pupils within a PE lessons. Chey has been a great resource to help my understanding of how school is a necessary support for pupils with SEND. At Mount Tamar the school environment is relaxed, giving both pupils and staff a safe environment to work in. Lessons give students opportunities to explore, helping them to understand what they would like to do in the future.