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Art Week

This week the Row Lane school site has been celebrating Art Week. All Primary and Secondary classes have created amazing pieces.

On Thursday pupils were invited to join in the activities with adding their own mark onto a collaborative piece, it was wonderful to see so many joining in.






Even the staff have gotten creative and have exhibited some of their own works.







Key Stage 4 have exhibited some of their work from their options. Pupils have used a variety of mediums including photography, printmaking and drawing. 




In reward time, Calum has been making miniature models or a well using cardboard and found materials to create a realistic look.




Our new Key Stage 3 classes have got stuck in with their insect project which started with preliminary drawings of real critters. They are now beginning to make their own 3D creatures!






Key Stage 2 has taken inspiration for the book ‘The Lion in the Storm’ and created these fantastic illustrations!



Key Stage 3 year 8/9 have been inspired by Kandinsky in Maths at Row Lane and Prospect.


The art projects being led by Zoe this term include Hudertwasser, Henry Moore and Jackson Pollack. The pupils have created work inspired by these artists, I can’t wait to see what is created this week!!