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Our Projects

Secondary Trampoline

We have plans for a built-in trampoline in the Secondary part of Row Lane site.

This will help unfocussed students to regulate themselves in a safe and constructive way.

The site has been surveyed, and the funding need has been calculated.

Check back soon to see if the Interim Executive Board approves our proposal!

Charity Day - Children in Need

We had loads of ideas for activities to raise money for Children in Need!

We think the staff enjoyed them as much as we did...

Charity Day - Comic Relief

Here at mount Tamar we ran loads of amazing activities to help raise money for Comic Relief!

  • Mount Tamar’s Got Talent
  • Fancy Dress/Wear Red
  • Staff Vs Students (Football/Basketball)
  • Art Auction
  • Sketch Portraits
  • Staff Bake-off
  • Face Painting
  • Sell Red Nose Biscuits
  • Red sweets in a Jar
  • Class Activities/Competitions

There was also a tutor group challenge to raise as much money as possible, different classes raised money by:

  • Selling Pizza slices at break and lunch.
  • Selling ice cream at break and lunch.
  • Making Paninis at lunchtime.
  • Selling doughnuts.