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Teaching and Learning

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Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (TEEP -­‐   SSAT)

Action research group: Susie Kendall, Garry Hammond, Chey Bryce, Robyn Vincent, Lisa Atkinson

Mount Tamar case study see:

TEEP brochure:­‐Whole-­‐School-­‐Brochure-­‐2016.pdf

TEEP is a whole school framework and training model with learning, collaboration, and evidence of what works at its core. TEEP introduces a common language of learning across the whole school, building on teachers’ existing expertise to help reimagine pedagogical practice, develop effective learner behaviours, and achieve consistent, effective teaching. The TEEP framework is flexible and not a prescribed rigid model, enabling it to be adapted and meet the needs of the individual teacher and school. What makes TEEP different is the level of research unpacked within the training, nothing else comes close. TEEP provides a deep learning experience for whole staff.

TEEP offers a unique opportunity to effect significant and sustainable improvements in teaching and learning at whole school level. TEEP offers rigour and depth and its impact is proven.

By placing teachers in the position of learners the training gives greater insight into effective pedagogy, and provides a sustained, in-­‐depth focus on teaching and learning. TEEP training is applied across the whole school, so transformation and support is holistic and not restricted to just individuals or classrooms.


Identifying these supports teachers to present a relevant and purposeful curriculum to learners:

1. Thinking for learning

2. Assessment for learning

3. Accelerated learning

4. Collaborative learning

5. Effective use of ICT


Enables teachers to understand the phases of learning within a lesson, or a series of lessons, putting the student at the heart of the planning process: what and how are they going to learn as opposed to what am I going to teach? It leads to relevant, purposeful and stimulating lessons.

TEEP at Mount Tamar

As a cross-­‐phase school we have designed a language that can be common across both primary and secondary to provide consistency for the students as they progress as learners and make their way through the school. The robots and accompanying language have been designed to highlight the skill a student is using for a particular task and what success looks like. The common power point slide that starts lessons up to Key stage 3 includes the skill or skills being used, the TEEP scale and key words.

Writing on tables is now as common place as the worksheet used to be.

Mount Tamar Learner Robots

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