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Food Technology BTEC

What’s it About?

GCSE Food Technology is a practical course and will provide you with the opportunity to learn about many concepts concerning food, ranging from healthy eating to dietary needs, food product design and development to food safety, food production and processing methods. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to develop your own food practical skills and knowledge by investigating and making a variety of different food products using a range of different ingredients.

The course is divided into a number of modules and includes: 

  • Investigating Ingredients
  • Food Product Design and Nutrition
  • Food Processing and Manufacture
  • In the Test Kitchen
  • Ideas into Production
  • Industrial Perspectives


Enjoy creating new ideas and making food products

  • An interest in food issues.
  • Good analytical skills and enjoy problem solving.
  • Be able to work independently as well as being a team player
  • Do you enjoy researching, investigating and problem solving tasks and activities?
  • Good presentation, organisation and ICT skills

What will you have to do?

Unit 1: Written Paper – 40% 2 hours

Divided into Section A and Section B.

Section A: This is a topic set by the exam board, and you will receive a preparation sheet that details the theme. This is usually the designing question.

Section B: This section will test content from the course and will be a range of short answers to extended questions.

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment Portfolio – 40%

Controlled Assessment projects look at all the areas that you have studied during Year 10 so that you can show your understanding within the GCSE Food Technology course. You will carry out the project during Year 11, where units of work have been designed to run alongside the coursework, so that you can build this work into your portfolios. The evidence required for the project generally consists of a food product prototype(s) and a concise design folder, showing use of ICT and CAD/CAM as required.


If you are interested in Food Technology there are a range of job opportunities including:



Nutritional Therapist