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Adventure Studies and Forest Schools NRQ

Adventure Studies overview:

The outdoor courses at the Mount Tamar School appeal to all age ranges. We have a wide range of adventure sports available and the activities are linked with certificates and awards enabling learners to achieve as they have fun.

In House certificates:

Adventure Studies Programme contains over Ten Certificates enabling students to measure their achievements, great or small. The AS programme also allows students to create a portfolio, allowing students to review and remember their experiences. Examples of these certificates would be:

  • Adventure Studies Water Sports Certificate -Adventure Studies Urban Sports Certificate 

Activities within the Adventure Studies Programme are:

  • Mountain Biking - Coasteering - Gorge Walking - Climbing/Bouldering - Expeditions - Kayaking - Geo Caching/Letterboxing - Body Boarding
  • Walking and Navigation - Abseiling - Survival Training - Team building challenges -Orienteering

If you are interested in adventure studies there are a range of job opportunities including:

  • Outdoor Instructor
  • Adventure Education
  • Activity Centre Manager