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Construction and the Built Environment / BTEC Level 1 / 2

Course Description

This course is designed for students who wish to gain practical skills and qualifications in Building Occupations. It is a GCSE equivalent course that is designed to prepare people for work in a particular construction occupation.


The aims of the course are to develop a range of employability skills and techniques, develop students’ abilities in building occupations, provide specialised studies linked to this area of employment, provide a stepping stone into employment and to provide a suitable qualification for learners to progress on to a range of further study at Levels 1 and 2

Potential new entrants to the industry need to be given every encouragement. BTEC’ provide specialist work related and motivating programmes of study. They address the key areas of knowledge, understanding and skills required for learners contemplating a career within the construction industry. The requirements of craft, operative and technician roles are reflected in the content, and focus is placed on learner progression into work, to an apprenticeship, or on to further study.

What Can You Gain from this Course? 

A good basic grounding in carpentry, brick laying and painting and decorating.  This is also combined with understanding finance, personal interview skills and further independent work skills.This will give access to Building Studies and Services at college and will be attractive to possible apprenticeships in the Building Trade.This course will be a good base for a job in the building industry from architecture to plumbing or surveying to carpentry.


There will be a combination of continuous assessment of work during the course, together with an assessment of final test pieces of practical work. There will also be some assessment through moderated external assessment units.

Previous learners’ Comments

“I really enjoyed being able to use all of the tools.”

 “I really like the course, as I worked outside and inside in the workshop and the classroom”

 “Learning to paint and decorate a room has made sure that I can change my bedroom into the way I want it”


If you are interested in construction and the built environment there are a range of job opportunities including:

  • Building Surveyor
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Builder 

Future prospects

You could take this course to prepare for advanced level courses such as BTEC Level 3 Construction, Brickwork or one of the allied trades, as well as apprenticeships.With further training you could go into a job related to the following industries: Construction, woodworking, building, engineering, shop fitting, manufacturing, metalwork and fabrication, model maker, carpenter/joiner…

“We must build a movement that does effectively address the construction industry as it is today and which helps the majority of our nations construction industry workers have good jobs, good training and a path for new opportunities”.

(Terence M O’Sullivan American Labour Unionist)

“Mixing cement and building my walls were brilliant. I didn’t think that I could do it but I can!”