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Centre Staff

Name:            James Phillpotts

Title:               Centre Manager, Vocational Lead Teacher

James is highly motivated individual who has a clear vision and seeks excellence in his practice and provision. James has a clear passion for helping his learners achieve and gain valuable skills to offer themselves a bright and prosperous future. James has a wealth of experience working in SEND provisions over the past 14 years as well as experience working within the construction industry. James has also been a retained firefighter for the past 15 years

Name:            Ryan Aird

Title:              Vocational Learning Advisor

Ryan has worked with looked after children in his previous job as a residential childcare Team leader for 9 years before joining Mount Tamar enabling him to use his experience and knowledge to help the young people to reach their full potential within the Wolsley centre. Ryan also has experience of construction and general DIY skills that he is able to pass on and educate the students attending the centre. Ryan is a hardworking and professional member of the staff team and displays positive and proactive attitudes on daily basis promoting good role modelling for the young people

The Wolseley centre is one of Mount Tamar’s offsite provisions, which specialises in running vocational programmes for students that are both eager to progress in the construction industry, or who are struggling with traditional academic programmes, where a more practical type of learning may be beneficial for learners from Mount Tamar’s main site and other offsite provisions as well as students from local schools within the quay partnership programme who may need respite from their current educational programme. The centre itself offers a variety of different programmes such as brick laying, carpentry and car mechanics which specifically are aimed at key stage 4 learners aiming to gain some form of qualifications within these subject areas.

More recently Wolseley has begun to introduce some of these subjects through a Design Technology carousel to key stage 3 students to offer them the opportunity to sample these programmes prior to choosing their subject options at the start key stage 4.

Wolseley also works in cohesion with several of Mount Tamar’s partnership groups within the community such as Dartmoor National Zoo, North Prospect Garage, WGS landscaping, Sherford build project as well as local building firms, contractors, local schools and colleges. These links can be either used within the curriculum where learners are given the opportunity to learn in a practical manner outside of the school environment, or used to access materials and resources which in turn offers the learners the opportunity to gain an understanding of sustainable issues and solutions within the sector. Wolseley is eager to support Mount Tamar’s learners and those within our quay partnership programme to gain confidence, practical and life skills to enhance their futures.

Wolseley Ethos

Mount Tamar’s offsite vocational centre known as Wolseley is passionate about giving our students and those within the quay partnership scheme the opportunity to develop key vocational skills to help them achieve in a variety of different ways. Our vision is to empower students to be able to use these vocational skills to help them achieve college placements, apprenticeships and ultimately a long lasting career once they have transitioned away from education in a vocational environment.

We offer a flexible curriculum for our learners to allow them to identify their possible areas of interest and build their programme around them. We believe it is fundamental for our learners to achieve their full potential and importance is placed upon achievement at all levels. There is a relaxed yet purposeful structure within Wolseley and there is a balance of focus between educational and developmental skills.

The Wolseley ethos works in cohesion with the Mount Tamar ethos (pictured), however is an extension of this with significant focus on the following;


We aim to supply our students the opportunity to gain alternative qualifications within vocational, practical learning to offer an alternative to those that may struggle within the traditional academic curriculum.


With our specialist programme specifically within construction, we aim to give our learners the qualifications, experience and skills to gain access to work experiences, colleges, apprenticeships and ultimately employment within the construction industry.


We offer the opportunity for learners that are struggling within their traditional setting an alternative curriculum outside of the classroom to help act as a ‘mood changer’ and positive tool.

Team working and Social development

Through practical learning and the environment at Wolseley we offer students the opportunity to work effectively with and around others to develop key skills in personal development in a subtle and relaxed manner.

Educational progression

By allowing students from key stage 3 to access the Wolseley centre, we offer them the opportunity to experience their vocational skills in anticipation for year 10 options allowing staff to identify early the students' skills and this offers the learners the best opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential.

Working within the Community

Through Mount Tamar’s partnerships with many external companies this allows us to offer our learners experiences within the local community thus empowering the learners to gain work experiences that will support them through their educational programmes. Some of these partnerships include;

Dartmoor National Zoo,

North Prospect Garage,

WGS Landscaping,

Sherford Training programme,

Working towards a sustainable future

At Wolseley we place a large emphasis on educating future generations around sustainable issues within construction and always try to fit sustainable working within our curriculum. The majority of our resources are recycling again from local businesses and projects and we encourage our learners to take this forward to educate their peers, friends and future generations.