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Secondary: Introducing the Behaviour Bank

How It Works

Every lesson, students earn points towards their reward activity on Friday afternoon.

These reward points are totalled up every week. The more points a student has, the sooner they will get to choose their Friday reward activity. Each activity has limited places, so only the 7 top scorers are guaranteed a place on whichever activity they want.

Friday Reward Activities

The full list of rewards will be available here once it has been confirmed by the student council.

But remember: each activity has a limited number of places. The more points a student has, the more likely it is that there will still be a place on their favourite activity.

The Behaviour Bank

In addition, the secondary site on Row Lane are trialling a system of additional reward vouchers.

Every week, students' scores are given a monetary value - the higher their percentage, the greater the value.

  • Students who score 85% will earn 🝗2.50.
  • Students who score 90% will earn 🝗5.00.
  • Students who score 95% or more will earn 🝗7.50.

Once students have earned their '🝗' credits, they can choose to spend that value on a reward from the rewards menu, or they can choose to save or 'bank' that value, so that they can get an even bigger reward later on!

Again, the full list of rewards will be available here once it has been confirmed by the student council.

How to Score Points

Every lesson, students can score points by following our 5 School Rules.

These rules are:

  • Follow Staff Instructions

  • Speak politely and calmly

  • Look after our school and our equipment

  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  • Try your best and ask for help if you are stuck

This means that students can score up to 5 points each lesson, that's 25 points each day. We expect our students to score at least 85% of the points that are available to them. That means that everyone who scores 85% or more will get to choose a reward activity, and will have the opportunity to spend or bank on the rewards menu.

You can find the school poster of Our School Rules at the bottom of this page.