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School Uniform

Having a real sense of belonging to your new school is important. Our students should be proud to be part of Mount Tamar School and wearing our uniform is a symbol of that pride. Pupils should turn up to school looking as smart as they can.  All pupils should wear the school polo shirt and / or the sweatshirt or cardigan.  In our lower school the colour of the polo shirt is sky blue and their sweatshirt should be Navy Blue, we also encourage our lower school pupils to have one of the Mount Tamar book bags.

In our senior school the pupils can choose the colour of their polo shirt, however, the sweatshirt must be royal blue. Dark coloured trousers or knee length skirts should be worn by all pupils.

JEWELLERY, HAIR & MAKE-UP – Wearing decorative jewellery is unsafe and inappropriate in a modern, active education environment.


 One plain (finger) ring

One pair of small, plain ear-studs. Piercings other than one in each ear lobe are not acceptable, nor is tape over such piercings. 

Any other jewellery (including bracelets and bands) if worn may be confiscated and handed into reception for collection at the end of the day. If jewellery is a persistent problem we will ask parents to come and collect confiscated items.

HiGH FASHION HAIRSTYLES- including shaving or shaved patterns and non-natural colours are not acceptable for any student.


Please note that the school reserves the right to make the final decision as to the appropriateness of dress, jewellery, makeup and hairstyle. 


If you require any advice, or have any questions about uniform, please speak to Mrs T Sargent; Head of Lower School or Mrs R Vincent; Head of Upper School. All uniform should be clearly labelled with pupils name to ensure that it can be returned swiftly to them if lost. 

If a pupil attends school without the correct uniform, our procedure is to offer the pupil a spare polo shirt held here at school. If they refuse this option, the pupil will be sent home to change.  Pupils who attend our Aspire sites may not be required to wear uniform. If you have any questions regarding this, please speak to Mr C Holl. 

Students also need to have a white polo shirt, blue or black shorts/tracksuit bottoms and trainers for PE sessions.

Our school polo shirts and sweatshirts can be bought from Trutex Schoolwear and More

Unit 3, Sugarmill Retail Park
Billacombe Road
PL9 7 HT

Tel 01752 491353

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