Mount Tamar

Ethos and Aims

Aspire Adventure Achieve.

Our Aims ,To inspire our young people to become successful, adaptable and passionate learners with high expectations for their futures

To provide an adventure as they progress through our school giving them a safe, caring,friendly environment in which students are happy and confident and feel valued and supported

To give each student the skills that they need to achieve a life happy and successful live, developing into positive members of the community 

Each student will be individually supported through:

·         A personalised learning programme

·         Having access to up to date technology       

·         Having a range of vocational and academic opportunities       

·         Opportunities for work skills and skills for life      

·         Support to develop their wellbeing and appropriate behaviour      

·         Opportunities to develop independence and confidence     

·         A partnership with home       

·         Therapeutic support     

·         A flexible, challenging learning environment that includes learning in the outdoor classroom





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