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Admissions Policy

The admission procedure for any pupil being considered for Mount Tamar School is designed in a way to ensure that everyone concerned makes the best possible decision for the pupil.All pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Need, or in the process of statementing.Pupils will be between the ages of 4 – 16 years on admission.

The Stages of  Procedure are:

A draft Statement of Educational Need is received by the school from the Plymouth referral panel requesting us to consider the pupil for possible admission. Panel sits 6 times a year. Admissions are not restricted to a traditional September entry.

At this point as much information on the pupil is gathered. An SMT member will endeavour, where possible, the placement where the child is on roll and discuss with relevant staff the suitability of the placement. The child will also be observed wherever possible in the current placement. A risk assessment will be drawn up.

If it is felt that MT is an appropriate placement Parents/Guardians, pupils and any involved agencies are invited to visit and discuss the suitability of placement with the SENCO or Headteacher and to look around the school. Such a visit will include the hostel where that is thought to be appropriate.

If a place is available and everyone is agreed on the suitability of the referral the Local Authority, is informed.Parents will be given a copy of and will have the opportunity to discuss with a  member of the Mount Tamar Home/School agreement. An Individual Learning Plan is then developed to aid a smooth start to the school which may be at first a part time tametable. It is hoped that a new student will be introduced to a “buddy”  to help with his induction. 

Exceptions to this procedure will naturally occur arising from individual circumstances.

Parents/Guardians are also welcome to visit at any time.

Key Staff: Kim Wentworth SENCO 

Jackey Cook  

Senior Leader Head of Care

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